Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Internet marketing, as its name implies, is the promotion of a product or service using the Internet. This is one of the marketing outlets today that entrepreneurs are taking advantage of because the Internet captures a wider audience (think worldwide), and it is a cheaper than television, radio, newspaper and magazine advertising. But as the demand for the Internet as a marketing vehicle becomes grows, it becomes a new battlefield where various businesses compete for attention of a prospective customer. Whoever is persistent and is on the top of the search engine gets the sale.

Why Do I Need PPC?

The Pay Per Click advertising model involves a trigger that generates a payment from the merchant. The trigger is that the ad is clicked and the merchant pays the affiliate.

The advantage of this set-up is that even if an affiliate does not generate clicks, and therefore no sales, the merchant has no costs at allFollwing the main business Models


PPC Is Highly Targeted

PPC helps your target market find you, as opposed to you trying to find them. Your advertising is visible 24 hours/day for every day of the year to an international audience. That means your website can reach people in areas that traditional marketing cannot.

PPC Immediate Visibility:

Unlike SEO, PPC delivers immediate results, potentially generating Page 1 rankings in Google when you turn on the ads. Getting listed by popular search engines also increases your brand credibility. Consumers expect big brands to be placed prominently in Google, so what’s the effect if you aren’t on the first page?

PPC Offers Complete Control:

With AdWords and other pay-per-click management platforms, you can take total control over targeting methods, ad scheduling, bid prices, daily budgets, and so much more.Of course, more control means added complexity, which means that you can optimize at a very granular level.

PPC Tracks Your Data

Google Paid Search (Google Ads) is a very data-driven marketing channel, so you can always see essential details on the number of ad views, clicks, spend, leads, etc. You can’t get this level of detail from print, radio, or television advertising. In addition, PPC advertising can be significantly cheaper than most other forms of advertising.